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SilverCity Mississauga: An Obituary Well Deserved

SIlverCity Mississauga recently shut its doors for good. The theatre was owned by the Cineplex corporation. Located at Ridgeway and Dundas on the west end of the Mississauga, Ontario. The theatre changed ownership from Famous Players to Cinexplex in 2005 when Viacom sold their theatres in Canada to Cineplex. Though, officially the name SilverCity never changed. 

On an emotional level I don’t think I’ve completely processed the lose of SilverCity. It was more than a place where I worked and earned money. It was a place of friendship, love, and rapid change. To this day I have not had a job where the tone of a workplace was so heavily set by the employees. Every month felt like a new feeling, a new emotion, and a new set of individuals. We were all growing. I remember spending the majority of my free time at the theatre, even if I wasn’t working.  It was our Mecca, our social scene. I moved three times during the course of me working at the movie theatre, and yet I can scarcely remember what two of those places I lived in looked like. I can however in vivid detail explain every square inch of that building.

The misfit theatre. Used mainly for independent films, children movies, and B list films that always under lived or over lived their life expectancy. Like loyal fans we took our loses. Win or lose. Whatever it was, it was ours. Our theatre was rarely busy, which gave us time. We had time to learn from another, time to interact, and time to discover. I think back to those days and at the time I remember thinking, “if only we get that next big film”, “if only we get more consistent films”. In my ignorance I did not realize that neighbouring theatres were busy from open to close. If our theatre had the same intensity I highly doubt our knowledge and friendships with one another would be so deep. It was in our mediocrity that we benefited.

If the movies sucked, there would always be more. We didn’t care.

Late nights, early mornings. Cold sweats. Drunken nights, hungover mornings. Scraping and saving. Wasting and splurging. Using and abusing.

The theatre gave me love in three distinct ways. First to a girl who I dated for a year. Secondly to cinema and film. Thirdly and most importantly for the opportunity to meet and date my future wife. I am grateful for all experiences, good and bad. I am also grateful for the friendships I’ve had. Some of which have transcended my time at SilverCity. For those who were part of the theatre are part of a special community. It’s something only we knew about.

Although I understand that Cineplex is a business, and profit and loss almost certainly played a huge factor in their decision to close the theatre. It still doesn’t make it any easier. In 2012 Cineplex acquired four of AMC’s theatres in Canada, which helped contribute to the over saturation of Cineplex’s brand in the General Toronto Area. The company needed to cut some fat.

If SilverCity Mississauga was seen as an unsuccessful theatre it was because of both companies stance (Famous Players and Cineplex) on using it as a bargain bin for films. In a city notoriously known for being deprived of entertainment options, I can’t help but feel as though others and not just a select few will see this as a loss. The building and land will be converted into a fitness facility. Something, which in my opinion the city does not need more of. All I can think of saying to end this post is something that I will never forget; 10-4 brother, over and out.

* * * * *


Road Rage: Why People Scare Me

The video will make sense after you read the post. 

I have been driving for several years now and not once have I had an accident. I tend to play it safe on the roads. I consider myself a defensive driver.

I’m familiar with people getting upset while driving. I don’t want to classify this as road rage, as it’s not as extreme as road rage. I’ve had people cut me off and swear at me through their wind shields – I myself have got upset while driving. But not once has it ever escalated to such a level as it did today.

During lunch I was at a restaurant picking up food. I got my order to go and got back into my car. I signalled right to exit a plaza. I looked back and saw a white truck several hundred feet back. I thought it safe to make my turn. As I turned I increased my speeds significantly to the point where I was going slightly over the speed limit. The white truck behind me saw me merge and increased their speeds significantly. As I was driving the truck was literally inches from my bumper. I decided it best to get out of this person’s way. As I signalled left and tried to merge the truck followed my movement. At this point I slowed my speeds to a point where the truck decided it best to go around me.

As the driver passed me he slowed down beside me to swear at me and insult me behind his window. Which, was perfectly fine. I told the person to fuck off and thought nothing of it as I was turning left and the driver in the truck was going straight. Neither of us opened our windows to escalate the conflict to a point in which I thought something might happen. It was words, nothing more.

The truck sped up and turned his car sideways in the middle of an intersection. He was blocking me from going left or going straight. The man got out of his vehicle and started walking towards my vehicle. My first instinct was to lock my doors. I looked behind me and noticed that there was no traffic coming. I put my car into reverse, which caused the man to full on bolt towards my vehicle. Several cars stopped at this point to watch what was going on. I would have simply made a U turn but there was a medium separating East and West traffic. I put my car into drive and tried to go around the driver who was shuffling his body back in forth like a linebacker trying to stop a running back from scoring a touchdown.

I managed to make the turn and get past the individual who was dangerously using his body to block my car. I looked back, the man ran to his truck and turned right after me. I made a quick right, then a quick left. I saw the vehicle but he was losing distance on me. I managed to use some side streets to get myself lost. I parked my car in an industrial parking lot, pulled out my phone and waited. The man never showed up. I never got his license plate, or a detailed visual description of what he looked like. It’s hardly enough information to bother a police officer with. Still, I hope someone watching felt it necessary to write down the person’s information and contact the police.

In the end, making a rude gesture back to someone when they make one at you just isn’t worth it. Assuming everyone has the same emotional regulation was ignorant on my part. Next time someone flips you off, or wants to get into a physical or verbal confrontation with you just remember that just because ninety nine percent of the time it stops with words does not mean it always will. Sometimes in the rare occasion an individual with stop their car in on coming traffic and run at your car. They will endanger your lives and theirs without a second thought. Hopefully one day this driver keeps it too real, and gets exactly what’s coming to him. If there’s one force I believe exists in this universe – it’s karma.

* * * * *

Writing a Novel is Like Starting a Long Term Relationship

Photo  © Jhayne 

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing a long format story. I recently wrote a short 20,000 word Novella and self-published it via Amazon and Smashwords. The process was daunting at times. I experienced a lot of ups and downs, from challenges with grammatical errors to the success of seeing the first copy sold on-line. I learned a lot about formatting, publishing, and the challenges of being an indie author. I set my expectations accordingly when I published my work. I sold a couple virtual copies, and even had some decent reviews via Amazon – but for all intensive purposes the book never took off. I did promote my work, and even submitted it to some magazines and on-line book reviewers. It’s definitely not the best thing I will ever write, though I feel as though there is some value in it. I think it’s perfectly okay for an artist to admit when they have created something exceptional, as well as mediocre. Being honest with yourself as an artist will only improve your craft.

I’m probably in the red for the amount of money I’ve invested into the creation, formatting, and promotion of my book. I’m okay with this. I never wrote a book to get rich. I write because it’s one of my passions. Very few people can make a living out of what they truly love to do. It’s a goal, one which we should all strive for.

The publishing industry has changed drastically in the past ten years. Authors do not need a publisher, or an agent to sell their book or content. Though the e-Book market is saturated with indie authors. Through websites like Amazon and Smashwords users are able to upload their own content and sell their work to readers in various formats. I pursued this option for several reasons; one, it was the easiest and fastest way of getting my work out there, and secondly a Novella isn’t something most agents and publishers are interested in. It’s a niche market.

I completed an Author Interview for an Indie Author Blog around the time I published my Novella. One of the questions asked was if I was interested in writing another book, and when? I said that I needed a moment to breathe as I had just ended what I liked to call a long term relationship with a piece of writing. The relationship between an artist and their work can be turbulent at the best of times. It’s unhealthy to end a relationship and immediately begin another. It is necessary for an individual to pause, reflect, and analyse the experience. If  people do not give themselves the necessary time to reflect, mistakes may go unnoticed. Growth may be inhibited by a person’s ego. Some of the questions I’ve asked myself is, why didn’t the book sell better than it did? What did I do well? and lastly, what can I do in the future to improve my writing? I’ve developed a way of thinking to keep my ego in check, not that I consider myself an egotistical person. I am generally open to the possibilities that I may be wrong in almost all situations. I give every person the benefit of the doubt that they may have more knowledge, experience, or understanding than I do. People who are closed minded think they are the best suited, smartest, and usually the most qualified person to have an opinion on a specific topic.

As I write this post I have begun the process of writing a new Novel. I have supports in place to make sure I attain this goal. I recently downloaded a program called Scrivener. The program helps structure a story by visually arranging characters, chapters, and the plot. There’s a ton of other cool features that I haven’t figured out yet. When I wrote my Novella I used Word for the entire process. I was flying blind and relied on paper notes to help create a structure. Part of the process that scared me about beginning another long format project was the organization needed to complete such a project. I feel confident that I have the necessary tools to make the writing process a smoother transition this time. My current goal is 40,000 words. By breaking the book down into parts it’s approximately 3,500 – 4,000 words x 10-12 Chapters. One of my challenges I face as a writer is my word count. I prefer to write simple to the point sentences. Elaboration isn’t a challenge for me, though I tend to steer clear of long winded sentences that amount to nothing more than fluff.

My goal once completing the work is to find an agent and share my work with a larger audience. Publishers generally do not deal with unknown writers. Getting an agent is essential for any writer looking to sell their work to a publishing company. I’d like to share this experience with people on WordPress. I will upload some of the content once I feel as though I have made significant headway. For anyone thinking about writing a Novel or Manuscript, Scrivener is an easy to use program that helps compile and present your work in an aesthetically pleasing way. Presentation is important, but what’s more important is that writers concern themselves with writing. That is why I’m extremely excited to be using Scrivener.

* * * * *

Change Has Come

“The future is all around us, waiting, in moments of transition, to be born in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future or where it will take us. We know only that it is always born in pain.” – G’Kar, Babylon 5

I feel like I’m walking a fine line in this post between blogging and writing a diary entry. I’ve been scouring through news feeds, reddit, and the blogosphere for inspiration. Unfortunately I’ve come up short. It’s been over a week since I last posted, which has slightly bothered me. I told myself I’d be a consistent blogger. Consistency is how a person gets better, but also grows their reader base.

At the same time I’ve got a laundry list of excuses why I haven’t been active. I recently was hired in a school in a semi-permanent position. I’ve also come down with a terrible flu, which I am still feeling the affects of. I think I’m on day 7 today. No end in sight. I was just whacked with a $100 bill for medicine. Thankfully my benefits should be back dated to my first day of work, and that would cover that cost.

Money and Commitments

I’ve been thinking a lot about money and commitments. I’m going to Europe in July for six weeks. The majority of the trip has been paid for, but I still need to be banking Euros and Pounds for food, activities, and other travel expenses. I’ve taken care of the various hostels, flights, and hotels I will be staying at. There’s a couple more trips and hotels to still to book. One of the big ones is London, which will make my wallet bleed. Per Hostel World’s suggestion I was looking at campus accommodations at Queen Mary, University of London. For $70 a night Canadian to get your own bed and wash-room, it sounds like a steal. I’ve stayed at various campuses throughout Canada and have an idea what to expect. It might not be a hotel, but it’s definitely a step up from sleeping in a room with 20 strangers.

The Canadian Dollar is on a downward spiral and it would be a good opportunity right now to stash away some foreign currency.

My European trip will take me to countless cities and countries. I’m thinking about blogging the experience here, or creating a secondary blog for this experience. I’m not exactly sure which would be better. I’m leaning towards using this blog to track and record my experiences, and just use the categories to help separate my writing. I’m rolling around some ideas in my head for the series. I’d love some suggestions if anyone has any.

Out of all the cities and countries I’m going to, I’m looking forward to Barcelona and Scotland the most. Barcelona, because it’s culturally rich and has some amazing beaches and galleries. Scotland is steeped in history. The history, culture, and landmarks are some of the reasons Scotland has always been on the top of my bucket list. The other reason is that my father and his family immigrated to Canada from Scotland when he was a teenager. I have never been to Scotland, so I am really looking forward to this trip. My father has spent countless hours over the years telling and re-telling the same stories about his family and his experiences growing up. Some of the stories I’ve heard many times, though I still enjoy them. I’ll be visiting Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as some of the outlining towns. It’s an exciting time to be Scottish. The country will likely break ties with the rest of The United Kingdom in the September 18th: Independence Referendum. It’s a bit hairy right now, in terms of if and how that will all work out. Visiting a place during a moment of transition and change tends to thin the blood.

Change Has Come

I have not been able to write as much as I would like to. I landed consistent work until the end of the school year. This will further my need for stable experience to further myself in my career. It will also help me have a predictable income, which will allow me to better manage my finances. Substituting sounds amazing on paper. You get to pick and choose where and when you want to work. Sometimes there is no work, and sometimes you get too accustom to being picky with jobs and schools. Since I’ve started working in education I have not had a pay cheque that is the same as the last. It’s hard to plan out how much money you can spend each week when you have no idea what your pay is going to be. Over the past year I’ve created a list of schools I like to work at. I’m not always able to work at these schools, and sometimes I have to venture out into new territory. This has yielded positive and negative results. Every time I take a shift I don’t know where I’m going, or who I’m supporting. I feel like I’m rolling the dice. The process can wear a person down. On the positive side this process has taught me that each school is unique.

That’s it for me. I’ll be working on a few ideas over the next week. I might write a Daily Prompt or two depending on what they are.

* * * * *

We Need to Talk

I know you’re really worried for me, but you don’t need to be. Everything is going to be okay. Actually, everything has been okay for awhile now. I know you’ve heard me use the words suicide and depression. This kind of talk scares you. My intent was never to scare you.

I just wanted to let you know that it’s important to talk about these things. There was a time in my life when I was afraid to talk about them. Being able to express my thoughts and feelings saved my life. I often worry about others who can’t find the courage to talk about how they’re feeling.

I know you think that my colleagues, my friends, and family will look at me weird. I’m not afraid. I have nothing to be ashamed of. My experiences have given me the gift of empathy. It has helped me to help others. Everything is okay, and if it’s not I’ll let you know.



Diane Young. The World’s Greatest Grandmother

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ONE.

Diane was born in England and immigrated to Canada after the World War Two. She was a lively fun person who had a ferocious temper. She may have only been ninety pounds, but she could scare the living daylights out of me. She was honest and kind. Diane loved all of her children, and grandchildren. She had a tough life, and worked herself to the bone to provide for her family. She played a critical role in helping my grandfather start and run two businesses. When my grandparents split up she did not get what she had spent years working for, and in my opinion earned. Still, her character reinforced the idea that family unity is more important than money. She deserved better.

Diane was on deck when my parents split up and my mother left my father – and our home. She offered us her house, and welcomed me and my brothers with open arms.

Diane had other grandchildren, but ones that didn’t need as much love and attention as me and my brothers did. My other cousins for the most part have had parents with stable jobs and income. I don’t doubt that their families were at times more or less dysfunctional than ours. Every family has its problems. However, I can’t count the number of houses, apartments, and families we have lived with growing up on my two hands. It didn’t help that I would bounce around from one parent to the next in my teenage years. I did this both out of choice, and my parent’s frustration over having me live with them.


From left to right is me, my brother Andrew, my brother Sean, followed by my grandmother Diane.

When people ask me where I went to school, I usually lie and tell them one of the places I went. My school transcripts read like a bad joke. I dropped out several times, and would start at a school only to stop going a couple weeks or months later.

Hitting rock bottom wasn’t easy. I had been contemplating suicide for several years. I would go through bouts of depression and retreat inwards. It took me a long time to openly talk about this part in my life. It isn’t easy. I don’t think anyone wants to show vulnerability in front of other people.

On November 1st 2003 I was evicted from my father’s basement apartment. He packed up all my possessions and dropped me off at my mother’s doorstep. My mother refused to open the door or let me in. I sat out there for half a day wondering what I was going to do. She told me I couldn’t come back.

After several hours she came outside. She told me she would be willing to let me live with her on conditions. First, no drugs. Secondly, if I’m not in school I’m working. If I can’t follow her rules, then I’d have to go to a group home.

I was terrified. After years of pushing, I finally saw that the people who loved me most were ready to sever ties with me in order for me to change. My grandmother might have been amazing, but my mother was phenomenal. The shit I put that woman through. I couldn’t even begin to explain.


Above is a picture of my Diane at my mother’s wedding. 

My grandmother passed away when I was in 13. She got to see a part of me that was extremely hurt, confused, and angry. The person I am today is happy, positive, and confident. I have a drive inside of me, which for a long time didn’t exist. If there was one person I’d want to know who I am, it’s her. She deserved to me as I am, rather than as I was. Hopefully she can and does see me.

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An Open Letter to Every Angry Twenty Plus Year Old Male

Photo © of Ekkehard Streit

If you’re angry, so angry that you want to lay your hands on another human being – please avoid the following;

 Going to a bar and Drinking alcohol.

Besides the fact that there is far better ways to deal with your anger, you make yourself look like an idiot. You also perpetuate negative stereotypes about others your age. If you enjoy fighting, then please learn how to do it in an appropriate environment. Two in the morning in front of a bar while others are hailing down cabs is not appropriate place to start a fight. Punching someone does not prove superiority. It does not make you look attractive to others. Catching an assault charge, and potentially losing your job is just a few of your future consequences. Stop being a scum bag and grow up.



Some lessons were definitely learned tonight. I witnessed a guy lay a right hook into another male who dropped to his knees, the man then proceeded the kick the guy on his knees in the teeth. One person watching tried to stop the fight, which lead to that individual catching a random punch in the face.

I helped carry the guy who got kicked in the face back into the bar. I told the owner that, “you fed this guy too much alcohol, and that he’s now your problem.” I then asked a bartender for a clean rag, which I took outside and handed to the guy who caught the random punch. His eye was cut up pretty bad, he was going to need some stitches. I offered the guy with the cut up eye a ride to the hospital, but his friend showed up and told me he was the guys designated driver.

I’ve decided that I’m done with sticking around till last call. At about 1:30 I’m going home. At about 2:00 o’clock is when the bars turn their problems out onto the streets for the general public to deal with. I might be a person of good conscience, but I am not a security guard, a cop, a paramedic, or a mediator. Too often good people get caught playing these roles.

One Massive Content Dump: Looking Ahead to 2014

I planned on getting this blog up and running after Christmas. However, I didn’t really want to put it off. The new year will be an interesting and busy time for me. I am hoping to line up some more stable work. Either way I’ll have a job, the hours just might not be consistent. I decided to backlog some pieces I wrote on my former blog to help fill out my catalogue on WordPress. I think it’s important to categorize your writing, and help your readers choose what topics they like reading about. I apologize if some of the articles are dated, most of them should still be relevant.

2014 is going to be an exciting and interesting year. I feel as though I have entered a comfortable phase in my life, where I see the benefits to continue working and maybe not following through with higher education. I work in education, however I’m not a teacher. I was considering going back to school to finish my degree, then attending teachers college for two years. Recently in the province of Ontario changes were made to increase the length of years for teaching programs, from one year to two years. I’m looking at a solid four to five years to become a certified teacher. There’s a huge time and money investment that would go into me completing this process. What I struggle to see is my ROI (Return on Investment).

Teaching: Not Getting The Results I Want

I run into a lot of Educational Resource Workers (ERW’s) and Educational Resource Facilitators (ERF’s) who are certified teachers; However, they can’t find work as teachers. I’ve met a handful of people who have worked for a Board of Education as an ERW or ERF for several years, went back to school to become a teacher, and now currently still work as an ERW or ERF. I’m not willing to go down a path with limited results. I think finishing my degree will be something I will do, but teaching probably won’t. I think I’m much better specializing in my profession. I am able to currently provide academic, social, emotional, and behavioural support to students. Behaviour and emotional support is what I’m most interested in helping provide students with. I’m not currently pigeon-holed by the current board I work with, though in time the board may decide to create specific roles and classifications for the various ERW’s and ERF’s. To be an ERF or ERW a person generally has a diploma or degree in Child and Youth Worker, Social Worker, Educational Support, or a related discipline. I currently have a diploma in Educational Support. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) hires Child and Youth Workers’ to provide strictly behavioural support, as does the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB). What I am able to do in one board, I might not be able to do another. Getting grandfathered in once I land a job may be a reality. I may also have to attain additional school and qualifications one day to keep my current job. Our understanding of mental health is constantly changing, as is policy and support to those individuals.


I’ll be packing my bags the day after school breaks for summer. My fiancée and I have booked a six week trip to Europe, returning to Canada mid August. We’ll be staying with family in Britain, and France. My father immigrated to Canada from Scotland when he was eight years old. It’s important to not only track down some of my roots, but also for me to see a part of the world I’ve never seen before. We will be staying in Bristol, London, Paris, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Barcelona to name a few cities. I pre-booked a good majority of this trip, including the hotels, flights, and transfers from various cities. The trip is going to be extremely costly. I’m glad I started paying some of this down a couple months ago.

Moving Out

Part of the plan to land stable employment is to get out of my parents house. I wish the move would have happened sooner to be honest. I’m also coming to the realization that I want to live in the city and get out of the burbs. Toronto is a wonderful city, and even though I live forty minutes away by car it is extremely difficult for me to get downtown. I think it’s important for every young person to enjoy the benefits of living in an urban setting, at least once in their life. The majority of us get older, find stable employment, buy a house, and have some kids. I’m not saying that life isn’t something I won’t want one day, it’s just not the life I want right now. Since I’m taking off for the summer, it doesn’t make sense to move out until September 2014. I don’t really want to get a flat and have to sublet it for two months while I’m in Europe.


I released my book The Carpenter’s Son, and it was something I felt extremely proud of. I think it was important for me to put it out there. I definitely feel more comfortable sharing my writing with people after I have gone through the experience of making myself vulnerable. Anxiety and nervousness seemed to fade away rather quickly once I released the book. I’ve completed a short non-fiction piece called Tuesdays with Tim. The story is about my experience working in education, particularly with a unique boy named Tim. I submitted the piece to CBC’s Canada Writes competition. I am particularly proud of how this piece turned out, and will upload it to my blog after CBC releases the names of those who were short listed. I doubt I could win the competition. I probably shouldn’t have done this, but I compared the piece to some of the stories that were short listed in 2012-2013. I don’t consider myself egotistical or arrogant, however I felt that my piece was of the same quality of some of the stories from last year. It’s a tough competition, and I think I would be extremely lucky to even be short listed.

I don’t think I’ll be writing another novel or long format story for quite some time. Writing a novel is like being in a long term relationship, it’s not healthy to stop and start one so quickly. I’m going to continue on with blogging, and writing short stories. I might try to compile some of my short stories into a collection, or try to get some of them published.

That’s it. I’m glad I’m on WordPress, and I look forward to meeting, and sharing with some really great people!

I Published My First eBook: The Carpenter’s Son

Recently I just finished getting a book I had been working on for several years edited, formatted, and finally published! I started writing this book about six or so years ago. When I began writing this book, I had no illusions that it would ever earn me a dime. It was for the most part an experimental project that allowed me to have a creative outlet. When I began writing this book I had just finished school at Sheridan College for Journalism in 2007. I was lucky enough to find employment in the middle of a Great Recession. Jobs were scarce, and jobs related to Journalism were even scarcer

During this time I worked for a magazine who hired me as an Editorial Coordinator. For the most part what I wrote was dictated not on value or substance, but on what was profitable to sell to advertisers. I was fully aware of the magazine industry’s necessity to sell advertisement to advertisers; especially when that is their only form of revenue. Editorial content is different. Yes, you can potentially write articles relative to the products being advertised in the magazine. But, if the advertisement determines the content of your product; the magazine will be limited. Your product is inferior. People don’t read magazines to be sold bottles of cologne or cans of cola. The articles have to hold some value.

I had various other personal and professional problems with the job, which lead me to walking away from it. Foolishly I left the job in way too short of a period of time to get a reference out of it. I was limited in options. Through emailing and networking I was able to find something a month later. I had an internship lined up for a popular news company in Toronto. I was told that the internship would last for six months in length. I would be required to complete 25-30 hours a week. The job would start at 12 midnight and end at 7 or 8 in the morning. I had bills to pay. I just went from making almost no money to potentially making no money at at all. I turned the opportunity down, and potentially walked away from the creative arts altogether.

Bitterness is a bitch. It’s infectious. I wasn’t the only person who got dealt a bad hand of cards. Most people graduating around the same time as me were experiencing the same problems I was. Writing the novel helped. I began to accept two realities;

1) Journalism was not likely going to pan out for me.

2) I could still be involved in creative arts, regardless if I collected a salary from it.

Currently I work in a school supporting students with special needs. Mainly I work with students who require help with academics, social skills, and behaviour. I get up every morning knowing that I’m helping to support the development of another human being. It’s tiring, it’s fun, and it’s never the same.

This blog and creative writing currently meet one of my most basic needs as a human being. The need to express myeself.

The Book 

The book is a series of stories that mainly follow one character, Brian Morrison. Brian was born and raised in Nebraska. He is nearing adulthood and seeks to travel to Alaska. He is seeking opportunity, exposure, and adventure. The book is set in the 1950s, which was filled with optimism, prosperity, and social turmoil. As people in America were adapting to life after WWII; some felt disenfranchised by the various opportunities available to them at that time. The book explores the various themes of war, mass consumption, immigration, increase in personal wealth, and racism to name a few.

The book is currently available on Amazon, The book is also available on Smashwords, and where most eBooks are bought and sold. Click here for a link to the book.

Making the transition to WordPress

I have been blogging semi-actively for almost two years now on Blogger. I decided to step up my game and use WordPress. I felt as thought Blogger lacked a “community”, and it became increasingly difficult to connect with other bloggers. I’m hoping WordPress works out.

I’ll be spending the next week or so playing with themes, and colour patterns. Won’t see much content till after Christmas. Hit me up if you have any questions.

I’m migrating my blog from to



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