Road Rage: Why People Scare Me

The video will make sense after you read the post. 

I have been driving for several years now and not once have I had an accident. I tend to play it safe on the roads. I consider myself a defensive driver.

I’m familiar with people getting upset while driving. I don’t want to classify this as road rage, as it’s not as extreme as road rage. I’ve had people cut me off and swear at me through their wind shields – I myself have got upset while driving. But not once has it ever escalated to such a level as it did today.

During lunch I was at a restaurant picking up food. I got my order to go and got back into my car. I signalled right to exit a plaza. I looked back and saw a white truck several hundred feet back. I thought it safe to make my turn. As I turned I increased my speeds significantly to the point where I was going slightly over the speed limit. The white truck behind me saw me merge and increased their speeds significantly. As I was driving the truck was literally inches from my bumper. I decided it best to get out of this person’s way. As I signalled left and tried to merge the truck followed my movement. At this point I slowed my speeds to a point where the truck decided it best to go around me.

As the driver passed me he slowed down beside me to swear at me and insult me behind his window. Which, was perfectly fine. I told the person to fuck off and thought nothing of it as I was turning left and the driver in the truck was going straight. Neither of us opened our windows to escalate the conflict to a point in which I thought something might happen. It was words, nothing more.

The truck sped up and turned his car sideways in the middle of an intersection. He was blocking me from going left or going straight. The man got out of his vehicle and started walking towards my vehicle. My first instinct was to lock my doors. I looked behind me and noticed that there was no traffic coming. I put my car into reverse, which caused the man to full on bolt towards my vehicle. Several cars stopped at this point to watch what was going on. I would have simply made a U turn but there was a medium separating East and West traffic. I put my car into drive and tried to go around the driver who was shuffling his body back in forth like a linebacker trying to stop a running back from scoring a touchdown.

I managed to make the turn and get past the individual who was dangerously using his body to block my car. I looked back, the man ran to his truck and turned right after me. I made a quick right, then a quick left. I saw the vehicle but he was losing distance on me. I managed to use some side streets to get myself lost. I parked my car in an industrial parking lot, pulled out my phone and waited. The man never showed up. I never got his license plate, or a detailed visual description of what he looked like. It’s hardly enough information to bother a police officer with. Still, I hope someone watching felt it necessary to write down the person’s information and contact the police.

In the end, making a rude gesture back to someone when they make one at you just isn’t worth it. Assuming everyone has the same emotional regulation was ignorant on my part. Next time someone flips you off, or wants to get into a physical or verbal confrontation with you just remember that just because ninety nine percent of the time it stops with words does not mean it always will. Sometimes in the rare occasion an individual with stop their car in on coming traffic and run at your car. They will endanger your lives and theirs without a second thought. Hopefully one day this driver keeps it too real, and gets exactly what’s coming to him. If there’s one force I believe exists in this universe – it’s karma.

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