Darkfall and Warz: Two Peas of The Same Pod

Above is a picture of an enemy player that is hiding in a house. I used flares as a way of getting zombies attention. 

Darkfall was a Multi Massive Role Playing Game (MMORPG) with full-loot PvP. PvP stands for Player vs Player. For those who are baffled at the last sentence, think World of Warcraft but good. Warz is a shooter Multi Massive Online Game, or MMOG. Warz was forced to change their name to Infestation: Survivor Stories after there was some confusion over trademark of Warz.

What is Full Loot and Why Is It Important?

Full loot means that if you die, you lose everything. These games place an importance on resource gathering, and create a system of risk and reward. Items are suppose to be (here’s where games miss the mark) easy to make, find, and replace. It should feel like a loss when you die and lose your gear, but it shouldn’t make you break your keyboard. Economies exist and items hold real world value. Some people will hack and exploit virtual worlds to gain items and in game gold to sell on online marketplaces for real world money. Gold Farming as it has been dubbed is a billion dollar a year industry.


Above is a picture of me getting Wall Hacked by a player named Portal Cheating. Hacks are still rampant in Warz.

How Darkfall and Warz are distinctly similar

  • Both games had what was considered some of the worst launches in history. Steam offered people refunds after Warz marketed their game as something completely different than what they had completed. Imagine releasing a fraction of a game, and then selling people on what you want your game to look like. Customers were told there was multiple maps, vehicles, and quests. Some of which still hasn’t been implemented. For those who don’t know much about Steam, they don’t give refunds. This was a pretty rare occurrence. Darkfall on the other hand released only a handful of copies of the game a day. The backlog on actually “getting into the game” was atrocious. The servers were swamped and for the most part unplayable.
  • Hammerpoint created Warz, and Adventurine created Darkfall. Both companies were under-staffed and lacked the necessary resources to build and grow their game.
  • Both games had to resort to wiping to help remove the amount of items that had been duped. Wiping involves a restart in which all items owned are deleted from the game. The economies were and are both extremely unstable.
  • Both companies re-branded their games, hoping to change their image. Content changed, as did the mechanics. Things like the artwork and game engine never changed. Adventurine went as far as creating Darkfall 2, commonly known as Unholy Wars. The game was a total flop for most hardcore fans of Darkfall.
  • Both companies were quick to make decisions. The developers of both games were quick to impose changes on the community. They lacked an ability to understand their fans and clients. Hammerpoint went so far as organizing a Vegas Trip for popular Warz streamers. Streamers use sites like Twitch to broadcast themselves playing video games. Streamers are essential to a games success as people will get to see what a game is like by watching another person playing it – before they go out and buy it. Instead of taking the opportunity to hold round table discussions with these valuable players, the company handed everyone a couple hundred bucks and some flash drives with pictures and videos of upcoming content. What followed was a slew of pictures of everyone getting hammed at the bar. People think Hammerpoint is out to lunch, and in many ways they literally and metaphorically are.
  • The communities were and are shit. I give both games a little leeway here. The communities that existed in Darkfall, and currently exist in Warz are not ones of quality or substance. Mostly it involves bickering children, or worse bickering adults.
  • Darkfall and Warz are two of the most unique, and at times most enjoyable games I have ever played.


A ship battle between two ships in Darkfall. The game was extremely political and had a variety of player-made alliances.

“So why do you keep playing these games if they are so bad?” This is a question I have been asked by many of my friends. The answer is, that once you play a full-loot PvP game nothing else comes close. The adrenaline rush that I get from playing these games can be enjoyable, and addictive. For the most part, I’ve learned to balance my life and distance myself from games once I feel like it’s consuming a good portion of my time. Some people can’t strike a balance between online life, and virtual life. This was definitely not something I was able to do when I was younger.

In a niche market, and games are limited. Since I was eleven years old and started playing Ultima Online, I realized that the game ruined me. I can’t go back to playing traditional games. I think people like me are the only reason companies like Hammerpoint and Adventurine survive. There is literally no other options.

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2 responses to “Darkfall and Warz: Two Peas of The Same Pod”

  1. 1001-Up.com says :

    Your right there dose seem to be no other choice. 🙂

    • Ryan McInally says :

      I was hoping Elder Scrolls Online would be the next unique game. However, after beta testing the game I highly doubt this. I was also interested in Greed Monger after seeing an interviews with Markee Dragon and Jason Appleton. It’s been year and the alpha hasn’t been released. The people who donated to that game were the people who fall into this niche market.

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