Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger | We Saw the Flags of our Fathers Hoisted on Banners Above our Heads (Part 2 of 2)

Photo © petersb

An eruption of death occurred. Horses crashed their bodies into our wall of spears. Men flung from saddle to ground. Swords clashed, and spears stabbed. The force knocked me to my feet. Blood splattered all over my hands and face distorting my vision. An animal dying screams no less than a human. I heard both.

Archers from across the field began to rain arrows down on our position. Men dropped to their knees and used the dead as shields. I lowered my body under a half dead horse. Once the first volley had landed, the horse was nothing more than a carcass. I peeked my head out to look around; arrows had  littered everything in sight.

The archers had cut down many of my allies. The wall of spears had been crushed. Defeat seemed imminent. I could see the archers across the field reloading their bows. I stood up and looked death straight in the eye.

Just then I heard the sound of horses galloping behind me. I grabbed a sword from the ground and turned to defend myself.

Through the bush to our rear several hundred of our horses cut through the open field and made a valiant charge towards the archers. The arches tried desperately to run. I watched as they were cut down like weeds.

Followed by the horses was several hundred spear men who came running out of the forest to reinforce our living. I wiped the blood from my face and grabbed a spear from the ground. I placed the butt end of the spear in the earth once more. I looked up.

I am no longer a farmer.

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5 responses to “Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger | We Saw the Flags of our Fathers Hoisted on Banners Above our Heads (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. bafriyie says :

    Your descriptions are so vivid, I see it as clearly a if I were there, participating.

  2. Yeeapy says :

    you truly are a writer! enjoyed your story immensely. thank you.

  3. mandagorian says :

    Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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