An Open Letter to Every Angry Twenty Plus Year Old Male

Photo © of Ekkehard Streit

If you’re angry, so angry that you want to lay your hands on another human being – please avoid the following;

 Going to a bar and Drinking alcohol.

Besides the fact that there is far better ways to deal with your anger, you make yourself look like an idiot. You also perpetuate negative stereotypes about others your age. If you enjoy fighting, then please learn how to do it in an appropriate environment. Two in the morning in front of a bar while others are hailing down cabs is not appropriate place to start a fight. Punching someone does not prove superiority. It does not make you look attractive to others. Catching an assault charge, and potentially losing your job is just a few of your future consequences. Stop being a scum bag and grow up.



Some lessons were definitely learned tonight. I witnessed a guy lay a right hook into another male who dropped to his knees, the man then proceeded the kick the guy on his knees in the teeth. One person watching tried to stop the fight, which lead to that individual catching a random punch in the face.

I helped carry the guy who got kicked in the face back into the bar. I told the owner that, “you fed this guy too much alcohol, and that he’s now your problem.” I then asked a bartender for a clean rag, which I took outside and handed to the guy who caught the random punch. His eye was cut up pretty bad, he was going to need some stitches. I offered the guy with the cut up eye a ride to the hospital, but his friend showed up and told me he was the guys designated driver.

I’ve decided that I’m done with sticking around till last call. At about 1:30 I’m going home. At about 2:00 o’clock is when the bars turn their problems out onto the streets for the general public to deal with. I might be a person of good conscience, but I am not a security guard, a cop, a paramedic, or a mediator. Too often good people get caught playing these roles.


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2 responses to “An Open Letter to Every Angry Twenty Plus Year Old Male”

  1. Lisa Rosier says :

    Thank goodness for people like you who will help out others. Those experiences seeing others live out unfortunate circumstances like that give a person really useful perspective, but also maybe one might be left feeling a bit discouraged about “human relations.”

  2. Preeti says :

    Well done! Not very many good Samaritans (practical ones…) left in today’s world. Most of us prefer to walk away than be ‘involved’…

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